Antisemitism in London: Jews did not cheer for the Palestinian flag – and were expelled from the show
A stand-up comedian named Paul Corey He cursed Israelis and removed them from his performance in London after they refused to cheer for the Palestinian flag – this was published this morning (Tuesday) in the international media. According to reports, the incident happened in front of an audience of about 200 people at the Soho Theater, and the police are considering opening an investigation into the incident.Towards a nuclear war in Gaza: the dramatic warning and message to Iran

The MailOnline website brought the testimony of Yahav Eitan, an Israeli living in London, who went out to celebrate his birthday with a friend at Cory’s show. Eitan described the performance as “strange”, but noted that everything was fine – until at the end the comedian pulled out the flag of Ukraine and then the flag of Palestine, and demanded the audience to clap. “Many of the people stood up and applauded,” said Eitan, “but my friends and I sat quietly and did not protest. I didn’t intend to make an issue of it, I just didn’t enjoy that part.”

When Corey, who arrived at the concert after attending a pro-Palestinian rally, saw that Eitan and his friend weren’t cheering for the flag, he began to confront them: “Corey asked me if I had fun, so I told him yes, up to that point. Then he started screaming: ‘I’m from Belfast. I know all about ceasefires. Ceasefire now!” After that, as Eitan claimed, the comedian demanded the two leave the place and called: “Get the trash out of my theater. Get out, get out of my show.”

“Unfortunately, with the whole audience still inside, the only way out was through the stage,” he added. “When we got close to the stage, Corey shouted, ‘cease fire now, free Palestine’, while he was trying to incite the crowd. I was afraid he would punch me because he was cursing and shouting. Mostly we were afraid that the hall would turn against us, and we just wanted to get out of there.” According to reports, after the two left the venue, Corey reportedly told the crowd: “I might get in trouble for this.”

The Soho Theater responded: “We are sorry for the incident that caused uproar and harm among our audience. We take it very seriously and are checking the details of what happened thoroughly, sensitively and as quickly as possible. It is important to us that our theater be a welcoming place for everyone.”

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