“The prime minister understands that the panic he created was wrong”

The prime minister’s wife, Gilat Bennett, and her children took off for a family vacation abroad for several days. According to reports, despite this, and despite attempts to motivate her from the move, Gilat and the children decided to travel, claiming that “The vacation was planned ahead of time. “Gilat Bennett and the children were originally supposed to fly to Mauritius, but this was defined as a red state that can only be flown to with special permission and whoever returns from it (even vaccinated) is required to be isolated for at least seven days. As a result, the destination is obviously different.

People close to the prime minister point out that the new destination to which the family flew could not be announced because of the security arrangements that accompany the family overseas. It can also be said that the new destination chosen is no less pampering than Mauritius and the morbidity situation in it in the last week was an average of about 100 patients a day.

The decision, as stated, did not leave the public and even the Knesset members from the government indifferent. The Minister for Social Equality, Merav Cohen of the Yesh Atid faction, commented in the “Morning News” on Gilat and the children’s trip: On caution, and beyond that I do not get into their family matters. ”

Even the travel agents who were harmed by the new guidelines, did not like the move to say the least. “I congratulate the Prime Minister who realized that the panic he created earlier this week among the public was wrong and so he decided that his family and children would fly for a vacation,” said Ziv Rosen, CEO of the Gulliver Group. “I call on the Israeli public to act accordingly and book their enjoyable vacation, after two years in which it was very difficult to leave the country and spend time. All of course under observance of the Corona guidelines and restrictions. . “

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