New Year celebrations in Tbilisi
Unlike many countries where it has been decided to reduce or even cancel the Christmas and New Year celebrations, in Georgia the morbidity situation is encouraging, with according to the data the number of infected decreases every day. The average number of people infected with corona per week is currently 2,128 cases, while in mid-November the number was close to 5,000 new cases per week. In this regard, the Government of Georgia has declared January 1-10 as a public holiday for the purpose of ‘reducing mobility’ in the country following the verification of 24 cases of the Omicron.Georgia is also one of the countries now open to receiving Israeli tourists, with many countries still defined as red. Israelis wishing to arrive in Georgia must be equipped with a PCR test up to 72 or an antigen test up to 48 hours before arriving in the country. Also, vaccinated who have been vaccinated with two or more doses, those who have recovered in the last six months or who have had a single vaccine and children up to the age of 12 – Exempt from corona testing.

Regardless of Corona, Georgia is a country that can definitely be visited at any time of the year. In summer it attracts tourists with its sunny subtropical climate and unique mountain trails, many of which have yet to be discovered after so many years. In the fall she greets travelers with her excellent wine that is so diverse that anyone can find something to their liking. In the spring she enjoys a bustling currency, with the water and bright green taking over the landscape again. And in the winter? Aside from the great conditions for skiing that are getting better every year, this is also a great place to celebrate the New Year.

Tbilisi is one of the trendiest capitals in Europe and without a doubt one of the most cosmopolitan. It will surprise you with its unique tourist and cultural offerings, the buildings with the amazing architecture that sometimes seem to have gone out of a thousand and one night stories. The city is a favorite destination for diners, wine lovers, Instagram, Tbilisi also attracts those who want to think outside the box and discover one of the most multicultural cities in Europe.

One of the most multicultural cities in Europe | Photo: Nimrod Merom

One of the great attractions of Tbilisi for the new year is its fireworks show. Georgians love fireworks, and there are fireworks stores open 24 hours a day, some open all year round in some cities. Whether you are in Tbilisi or in the village of Badjara, you will get a show.

Across the country, Georgians will celebrate with their friends and families. If you come here in time for the festivities, try to make some local friends for yourself to experience the hospitality that the country is famous for. If they invite you to their home, definitely go, it will be an experience you will not forget.

If you are lucky, you will be scheduled to be the mekvle, the first person to cross the threshold of the host’s home for the new year. Tradition states that the macabre determines what the new year will be like: either it will bring prosperity and happiness, or a year of bad luck and bad luck. It is a real honor to be the first person invited to the house for the New Year. In addition, you will get to see the Chichilki, which are cute little traditional alternatives to the Christmas tree, which are distributed as gifts and then burned at the end of the New Year celebrations.

Traditional Chichilki in Georgia (Photo: Victoria Tori Dim, shutterstock)
Cute little traditional alternatives to the Christmas tree. The Chichilki | Photo: Victoria Tori Dim, shutterstock

You can also find many hotels and hostels that offer special discounts in honor of the festivities, but you should book quickly as the places usually run out quickly in the days before the big festivities.

If you consider yourself a foodie, you must definitely check out this city around New Year’s Eve. From the north and south of the country, locals come to taste the good and traditional desserts of Georgia that are specially adapted for Christmas and the New Year, including the Gozinaki, A sweet dessert made from honey and nuts, and churchella, a traditional candy made from grapes and nuts.

Georgia Churchhla (Photo: Rita Goldstein, Good Food)
A traditional candy made from grapes and nuts. Churchhala stand | Photo: Rita Goldstein, good food

As one known for its high energies, Tbilisi is superbly decorated for the New Year celebrations, in addition to also extending the Christmas spirit until mid-January. Many public concerts are organized to celebrate the New Year, and the city hosts a number of parties and celebrations for which special reservations can be made in advance. If you like to celebrate, you can dance in one of the best dance clubs in Europe. Bassiani, located in the basement of a football stadium, usually has events leading up to and around the New Year. If this is not your scene, there are plenty of bars and restaurants around town that you can celebrate, whether you are looking for local Georgians or other travelers to celebrate with.

One of the great attractions of Tbilisi for the new year is its fireworks show. Georgians love fireworks, and there are fireworks stores open 24 hours a day, some open all year round in some cities. Whether you are in Tbilisi or the village of Adjara, you will get a show. There is no complete New Years Eve celebration without a fireworks display, with the entire country lit up with a sight worth seeing.

New Year's Celebrations in Tbilisi 2021 (Photo: George Specter, shutterstock)
A fireworks display at the New Year celebrations in Tbilisi | צילום:
George Specter, shutterstock

After the celebrations of New Year’s Eve, on January 2, the bear is celebrated, the “lucky day” that sets the tone for the new year and is a continuation of the events of the new year. The Georgians believe that what happens on this day is indicative of how the rest of the year will go, so make sure you have a great day, and you should probably continue the party to make sure your new year is exciting.

On January 7, the Georgians celebrate Christmas – again. They also celebrate on December 25, but according to the traditional Orthodox calendar, Christmas takes place on January 7. This is another opportunity to continue the festivities and enjoy the most beautiful season of the year. Without a doubt, Tbilisi is easily one of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve.

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