Farmers blocked the boulevard in the center of Novi Sad for the sixth day

Farmers protesting in front of the provincial government for the sixth day today, a little after 10 am, blocked a part of Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard in Novi Sad.

As the portal writes, the Varadinski bridge is currently passable, while Mihajla Pupina Boulevard is closed from the Varadinski bridge to the intersection with Modena Street and Žarka Zrenjanina Street.

There are about 50 tractors between the bridge and Banovina, and the farmers have not announced how long the blockade will last.

Farmer Radoslav Adamović told that portal that they have already made concessions and that today they have again sent requests to the ministry, and that they are now waiting for answers.

“That is a red line below which we will not go. If this is met with a negative response, we will strengthen our demands even more, that is, we will go back to the previous demands, because people’s dissatisfaction is growing,” says Antić.

As the portal writes, blockades are also expected today in Vršac, Svilajnec, Opovo, Sombor, Klek, Bašaid, Žitište, Sefkerin and some other places.

Farmers demand a purchase price of sunflowers of at least 700 euros per ton, subsidies for fuel, free export of agricultural products, a moratorium and freezing of loans, a milk premium of 15 dinars per liter. They are also asking for 30 percent subsidies for fertilizer, as well as declaring a state of emergency due to the severe drought.

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