The talented singer Adele, who divorced her husband, adopted a healthy lifestyle and lost about 20 kg of body weight, has been through busy years.

Adele recently launched her new romantic relationship, and since then we have not relaxed from the photos of the new and photogenic couple in the swamp. The beautiful star started dating the athlete’s agent, Rich Paul, 39, and when the two went on a date Lily Adele knocked out an outfit we couldn’t ignore.

Adele and Rich went on a pampering night out in Los Angeles, and were photographed just before entering the lavish restaurant. The beautiful star wore a black turtleneck with a Scottish.patterned miniskirt, adding to the look black tights that fluttered and boots high on the heel. While Adele wooed us in her disgusting block, Rich went for an annoying casual look, with just jeans, just a white shirt and just a sweatshirt on top of everything.

While we try to forgive Rich for the horribly uninvested performance, we will mention that Adele has undergone a significant transformation in the last two years, when she got excited, adopted a healthy lifestyle and lost about 20 kg of body weight. The beautiful Adele shared her transformation on her Instagram page, Photos when it’s almost unidentified in the new block, and since then we do not stop basking.

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