Is Nicola Peltz pregnant?

Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham’s talented fiancée, admires a particularly photogenic Instagram page- When she uploaded photos from the set for a new film in which she participates, she managed to confuse the fans with a pregnancy photo – and this is the explanation

In July 2020, and after only 11 months of marriage, Brooklyn Beckham (22) proposed marriage to the couple – Nicola Peltz- After his 26-year-old partner told him yes the two rushed to sign a prenuptial agreement, and since then they have been vigorously planning their huge wedding- Now, just before the exciting event, Nicola shared a confusing photo on her Instagram page – and drove fans crazy-

The two have been dating for about two years and show a particularly photogenic relationship on their Instagram pages- Between love photos and hot posts, Nicola shared photos of herself from the set of the movie “Lola James” in which she stars – with a large and surprising pregnant belly appearing on her scorched body-

After a little investigation, it turned out that Nicola was not pregnant, and the belly that appeared out of nowhere in the picture is a fake belly that was used for photography only- Although the two have often talked about the common future they want for themselves, it seems that Nicola and Beckham Jr- are still waiting a while before they change status – and become parents-



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