This series is going to play a beauty on the growing lack of sympathy towards the huge technology companies in the world. You certainly will not add love to Google. The story was launched in 1996, in Berlin, when some young Khafres, led by an artist with a head in the clouds and a brilliant hacker, patented an idea they had conceived – software that would allow the user to navigate from all over the world, select an area. The lone he is looking for.

Sound familiar? In 2010, 14 years later, the giant Google company came out with software that performs the same action: navigating “in the sky” to any point on the planet, giving it the name Google Earth. What’s more: The person in charge of developing Google’s new software met several years earlier, according to the film, with the young people who developed the German source code, who even allegedly left the code in his hands for future collaborations.

Six years later, after Google Earth had already conquered the world, the founders of the German company now called Art + com filed a $ 106 million lawsuit in Google against Google, claiming that they had copied their source code, using the basic algorithm they had left. Thereby violating their rights.

The series, it should be taken into account, is made from the point of view of the young German creators – their personal lives, the winding road to writing the right code, funding difficulties, etc., to success, and meeting the man who will “rob” them of the fruit of success. That at the end of the trial, in which Google defended itself with claims that their code uses other techniques, and that it is more effective than Art + com, and as much as Google is portrayed in the story as the evil giant, all claims of the German creators were rejected and Google comes out entitled.

This is the main conclusion from the series and the fact that it drops the ground beneath it and beneath the cause of its making: the viewer is very much interested in the young innocent creators poaching the evil giant. Even during the trial, while giving evidence, Art + com inherits victory after victory. And only in the last testimony, which is completely pale, does Google Earth Manager make a pale claim of his own, and the whole building of the nice young people collapses and sends them home as they came to the courtroom: no fame, no penny in their pocket.

And this is what makes this series strange: not in every situation the just is the winner. But here the creators try to convince Google with all their might and they do not succeed. So maybe Google is actually right here in the first place? Maybe in fact the giant company did not steal and the young Germans tried to make a profit at its expense? A bit weird this series to be honest.

See or give up: You can see. Lower expectations in the first place.

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