Former Playboy Girl: This is what I saw in Hugh Hefner’s bedroom

Even today, five years after the death of Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, some of the women who lived on his estate still sign a confidentiality agreement that does not allow them to tell what really happened on his deranged estate. Despite this, one of them, agreed to hint at what was happening and a little more

“I’m never had sex with Hugh Hefner – but I once walked into a room in the middle of him having sex”: Jenna Bentley, a retired Playboy girl, recently revealed some of the sexual exploits that took place at Hefner’s Playboy mansion during her time there.

In an interview with the UK media, the 32-year-old glamor model described the time she accidentally entered one of the magazine’s founder’s bedrooms. “I can not say who was there with him at the time, and all I can say is that there were four people there – including Hefner.”

Bentley noted that during her time at the mansion, one of the living conditions was the signing of a strict confidentiality agreement, which means that even today, five years after the death of the Playboy founder, she still can not reveal all the secrets of Hefner and his guests.

“My confidentiality agreement is still in effect, so I can not say much about the sex that went on at the mansion,” Bentley added. “Even so, I can tell you that these parties were full of celebrities and everyone did all sorts of delusional things.”

Bentley mentioned in the past some of the things that happened during her time at the estate and said: “I saw a lot of sex there and most of the time I would just look. In the end I did open up to new experiences and explore my sexuality with a lot of women.

Eventually, she says, she left the mansion and became a Glamor model and starred on covers of a variety of magazines – including Maxim and FHM, and today she mainly works on Instagram, where she has more than 800,000 followers.

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