‘On the edge of freedom’, Biel Democracy returns today for the eighth edition with Gustavo Zagrebelsky

The eighth edition of the Democracy Biennale, entitled “At the edge of freedom”, opens today. The cultural event, open until Sunday 26 and promoted by the City of Turin, is conceived and chaired by the constitutionalist Gustavo Zagrebelsky. More than one hundred meetings are scheduled in 17 venues, with more than 220 Italian and international guests, five exhibitions and the contribution of 150 volunteers.

The central theme, right from the title, is the complex relationship between freedom and democracy inside and outside society. New this year are the sections Democrazia Futura, dedicated to young people and schools, and Democrazia Diffusa, created in synergy with the cultural realities of the area. Tonight’s evening closes with “Judgment Day”, a show by and with Giancarlo De Cataldo, who investigates the figure of the judge.

“As citizens we no longer have political ideas, let’s reflect on who we want to be today” the constitutional lawyer explained to journalists. Zagrebelsky published at the end of 2022 “The lesson” (Einaudi). “The best ‘lesson’ – he wrote – is the one that teaches to control emotions with the intellect and to move the intellect with the emotions”.

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