Julia Roberts in a bathing suit

Julia Roberts is one of the stars we love to love the most, and we have been accompanying her for years on all the biggest screens. Now, while she’s spending a particularly warm family vacation, the star has bombarded with a pink swimsuit – and finally made us faint

Julia Roberts is one of our favorite stars in the Hollywood swamp, and for many years now members have been following her in amazement. Now, as she spends her summer vacation with her husband and their three children together, 54-year-old Roberts has bombarded with a perfect pink swimsuit – dropping our jaws to the floor.

The beloved star spends time with her husband, Daniel Moder (52), their twins, Hazel and Phineas (17), and their 14-year-old son, Phineas, on a particularly sunny vacation in Sydney. While the sweet bunch spent time together along the beach, we followed the dull cut of 54-year-old Roberts, who wore a full gum pink swimsuit, along with black sunglasses and an ear-to-ear smile.

The last time we told you about Julia Roberts, we remembered with you her iconic moment on the red carpet – where she exposed quite a few hairs in her armpits. The beautiful Roberts showed off her armpit hair back in 1999 (!), Long before it was cool. The star arrived at the premiere of the movie Notting Hill with an amazing red evening gown and quite a few underarm hairs. The picture of course caused quite a stir in Hollywood, with many praising Roberts for the fashionable choice, but Roberts for her part said she had no plans to declare anything at all, and it was a calculation mistake. “I didn’t calculate the sleeve length correctly and it just happened. It wasn’t really a statement, I just stated that I was a person living on the planet.” Even then we fell in love.

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