Wardrobe Malfunction | Watch: Miley Cyrus top falls off during her performance at her New Year’s party

Cyrus opened the new year with a special broadcast that included performances by Jack Harlow, Anitta and Saweetie. Despite all the performance, the moment that attracted the most attention happened five minutes into the new year with a classic wardrobe break while performing her biggest hit. This is how it looks

Miley Cyrus last Friday picked up a gala broadcast in honor of the new civil year, and in celebration of it was broadcast live to millions of Americans, but doubtful Cyrus thought that was how she would start 2022: even before she managed to complete the first line of one of her biggest hits, “Party In The USA “, everything went wrong when her shirt fell off.

Cyrus, who has testified several times before that she is not excited about nudity, treated the incident like a pro, and as she sang she turned her back on the audience, tossed the top to the floor and marched in class behind the scenes. Her backing singers followed her for about half a minute until she returned to the stage with a red blazer.

With a huge, classy smile that was really reserved for a few, the singer continued the performance and even improvised the lines into it: “Everyone is definitely looking at me now.” The audience screamed accordingly even as she continued to sing: “I’m still the most dressed I’ve ever been on stage.” By the way, due to the mess around the performance, many did not even notice that the rapper Saweetie joined her on stage.

Even before the stopwatch arrived at midnight, Cyrus also hosted her little sister Noah, for a special performance of “Jolene,” which Big Sister renewed nearly a decade ago. The broadcaster himself was hosted by Cyrus along with comedian Pete Davidson who joined her at one point for a remake and up-to-date version of Will Smith’s 1997 hit, “Miami.”

As befits Miami and the Latin representation of the city, Brazilian star Anitta also appeared with “Girl from Rio” and “Envolver”, and later performed “Tap In” and “Icy Chain” with Saviti. Jack Harlow, one of the most popular rappers today, also performed a string of hits with “Tyler Herro” and “Indautry Baby”. So what can be said about a show like this? Mostly you should trust Miley to know how to start the year.

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