Going out with a Jew?  Bella Hadid’s new boyfriend

Bella Hadid is only 24 years old, and she has already screwed up in the industry as one of the most sought-after models in the world- In addition to an extensive career she built for herself, Bella managed to pick up the title of the most hated woman in Israel, when she visited the IDF at every opportunity since Operation The Wall Guard and later also the Prime Minister and government ministers- Especially, and the network is losing it from the possibility that this is a Jewish guy-

Bella launched last weekend her new partnership with the sought-after artistic director of the music industry, Mark Kalman- The two’s names were first linked last January, and after the Instagram launch of the weekend the two have already been spotted together for a romantic dinner in Paris when they are in love to the top of their heads- What drove the surfers crazy? Well, a Jew-

Kalman is a surname derived from Yiddish, and in the past Kalman mentioned the issue of Judaism in an interview with “1985” magazine together with his partner, Corey Damon Black- “We’re like an incompatible set of twins,” he said of himself and his partner- “A bit like a less good version of the ALT twins, if they were Jewish and cute enough to bring them home and bring them together with your mom-” Imagine you are visiting Israel, in a balloon.

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