Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed without makeup

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of our favorite stars in the swamp of New York City, and we strive to keep a close eye on all the steps she takes on the streets of her favorite city- This week the beautiful star was photographed with a close friend at lunch without a drop of makeup on her face – and looked amazing

As articles that have seen all the episodes of “Sex and the City” more than once, we are completely melted that paparazzi photos of the stars of the series come to us- When the star of the series, Sarah Jessica Parker, was photographed at a sumptuous lunch this week and looked no less amazing – we had to tell-

Sarah Jess was photographed with fellow actor Andy Cohen at a friendly lunch in the heart of Manhattan- Rahela wore a stunning blue dress, her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and there was not a drop of makeup on her face, and so, in the casualness of a true New Yorker, she managed to pass us by-

About a year ago Sarah went on vacation with her partner, Matthew Broderick, and entertained us with a black swimsuit that sat on her no less than perfect- Sarah was photographed with a book in her hand just before she sat down to read, and we were filled with the zen spirit and style she spread everywhere.

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