Last week we told you about the series of photos of Britney Spears that managed to drive the surfers crazy- The 39-year-old star shared several photos of herself from the backyard of her home without a bra, and in the shadow of the last steps she took in her father’s guardianship struggle – many surfers raised question marks- Now the star has shared a fourth video without a top – and fans are starting to worry-

Britney shared a video of herself last weekend wearing shorts and no top- The video is the fourth in a series of photos the star has uploaded without a bra, and without any logical explanation for the photo series – fans have already started with the conspiracy theories- “Something suspicious is going on,” one respondent wrote, and others added, “I feel like someone else is posting this,” “I hope you’re fine,” “What are you trying to tell us?”, “I live for the day the custody ends and Brittany can tell us The truth about what is happening- “

As is well known, many believe that Britney’s Instagram page is not operated by her, and link the controversial content to her father’s guardianship- The concern among fans comes a moment after Britney filed a formal request to be released from her father’s guardianship, which also included the name of an accountant who could replace him in the role-

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