Brittany explains the nude photos

All eyes are on Britney Spears, who has found herself in the center of attention in recent years- After quite a few braless photos she uploaded to the media in recent weeks, now the star is explaining once and for all what the nude posts mean.

Last week, after a long and well-publicized legal battle, Britney Spears’ father announced he was retiring from guardianship over his daughter- Since then, many have celebrated the release of Britney, who continued with her normal routine with quite a few topless photos uploaded to her Instagram account, and now, after quite a few questions on the subject – she explains the meaning of the matter.

As you may recall, Britney has recently uploaded quite a few photos without a top, and has made followers fear for her safety- “”Something suspicious is going on,” one respondent wrote, and others added, “I feel like someone else is posting this,” “I hope you’re fine,” “What are you trying to tell us?”, “I live for the day the custody ends and Brittany can tell us The truth about what’s going on- “Now, in a long post (445 words, we checked), reasoned, and without a bra, Brittany explained what was really behind the pictures.

“No, I did not do a breast augmentation in a week and I am not pregnant- I have a tit in these pictures because I am a food prey!”, The star wrote- “Before I show you more pictures of my body I want you to understand what I think about exposing my skin- I think it’s pretty distorted the immediate reaction when a woman is hot and she wants to take off a layer- I’m not talking about strip clubs or gigs, just the practical meaning of being In your car and understand that you are wearing a dumb shirt with long sleeves in the summer.”

Every woman’s immediate reaction to taking off a layer is ‘Dam, I feel better’, so you think you look better! I had a billion shows I did that and to my amazement sometimes I didn’t look so good- It’s awkward on levels but in my imagination it felt great- I do not want anyone to see the big dimple on my ass, but I feel that performing has made me much more aware of myself and my body and it is unattractive- I was born into this world naked and I feel like the weight of the world was on my shoulders and it made me see myself that way- I do not intend to take topless pictures for the rest of my life because it will bore me, but it definitely helps to be bright. ”

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