My father, (pseudonym) a 30-year-old drug dealer who is active in the Telegram app, does not remember two such years prospering in the sale of cannabis and cannabis, insane customer demand and most of all, non-stop work 24/7.

“In the last two years we’ve been printing money. We’ve been making piles. Maybe it’s the virus and maybe it’s the mental stress that has caused people to buy large quantities of cannabis and hashish. I employed ten couriers around the clock in both closures and today.

According to him, prices have sometimes risen by tens of percent due to high demand. Marijuana dealers have set up large tunnels that do not embarrass Hamas terrorists in moshavim and open areas on the assumption that the police will not find their location. Just this week, a huge tunnel was discovered in the Gaza Strip with 800 marijuana seedlings and a huge drug lab in the Rishon Lezion area, with seedlings worth an estimated NIS 15 million.

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A marijuana tunnel discovered this week in the Gaza Strip | Photo: Israel Police, real-time reports

Rise in prices due to shortages

“The demand for synthetic drugs is also huge. People wanted to escape reality and were looking to buy cheap drugs, hallucinogenic mushrooms (many labs have been set up to grow hallucinogenic mushrooms) and now the Nice Guy hit,” my father noted. The rise in the price of marijuana young people are saving to buy Nice Guy. “

Even in hard drugs there has been a dramatic rise in prices. Due to the closure of the borders, a shortage of cocaine was created and in order to overcome it, the drug dealers in Israel were assisted by their colleagues from Lebanon and Jordan who smuggled it in the form of coal. That is, the cocaine was assimilated into coal to mislead the police.

The price of a kilo of coke has jumped from NIS 330 to NIS 400,000 and sometimes the price can reach NIS 450,000, due to a shortage in the market. A gram of coke costs an average of NIS 700.

The new drug that is driving Tel Aviv crazy

“Closing the maritime and air borders with South America prevented smuggling of cocaine including liquid cocaine in bottles of wine to Israel. Israeli couriers could not fly there and couriers from South America could not land in the country causing dryness for many months,” a police detective explained. “

Drugs like Dosa and Crystal Meth have also flourished in the last two years and our prices have risen by over 50 percent. The price of the rape drug broke records and the price of a liter of rape drug reached NIS 50,000. “There was also a crazy demand for Moroccan cannabis, some of which was smuggled from Dubai to Israel,” revealed a veteran drug dealer. “It is almost impossible to obtain very high-quality Moroccan cannabis in Israel.”

Marijuana Laboratory in Ashdod (Photo: Police Spokeswoman)
Marijuana laboratory in Ashdod | Photo: Police Spokeswoman

We reveal here for the first time the drug prices in Israel for 2021:

  • Kg of cocaine: about NIS 400,000
  • Kilogram of Egyptian cannabis: NIS 90,000
  • Kg of marijuana: about NIS 110,000
  • Kg of Crystal Meth: about NIS 370,000
  • Dosa gram: about NIS 800
  • Ecstasy: NIS 60 per ball
  • LSD: One stamp: NIS 50
  • Moroccan hashish kg: NIS 220,000
  • Nice Guy Clean: NIS 100 per package
  • Fanta (square of sticker): NIS 70
  • Ketamine-rape drug: NIS 50,000 per liter
  • Nice Guy: NIS 50
  • Lebanese hashish: NIS 130,000.
  • Hallucination mushrooms: NIS 150.

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