Scandal at the Ice Hockey World Championship – Czech fans have to hang the Ukraine flag

Solidarity with Ukraine is unbroken worldwide due to the Russian war of aggression. Czech fans also wanted to show their sympathy at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland. But they were suddenly stopped.

Because when they hung a Ukrainian national flag in the fan block during the Czechs’ game against Norway (4:1) last Saturday, there was trouble.

The World Cup organizers had something against it and had the blue and yellow flag removed after just five minutes. Reason: Only flags of the participating teams are allowed in the World Cup arenas.

Objection useless!

But the Czech fans didn’t want to put up with that, so they came up with something for the game against the USA (1-0) and quickly wrote a white banner with the words “Blue Color – Yellow Color” (blue color – yellow color) – the Colors of the national flag of Ukraine.

This time the security forces did not intervene, leaving the banner hanging.

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