Ivan Perišić sent a message to Neymar after hugging his son

During the celebration Croatian national football team after the victory over Brazil, sin Ivan Perišić (33), 10-year-old Leonardo, took the opportunity to show respect and congratulate the best Brazilian soccer player, Neymaru (30).

Although the security guard first signaled the boy to step back, Neymar quickly understood his intentions and went to hug the little one. Those recordings went around the world, and Perišić thanked the Brazilian star for his behavior in what was, for him, a very difficult moment.

– Obrigado Neymar, it means a lot to him – Perišić thanked Neymar on Instagram, and decided to share a touching video himself.

Croatia will play against Argentina in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Katro, while Brazil was eliminated after the penalty shootout and thus once again remained empty-handed at the most popular sports competition in the world.

Neymar described the defeat as “the hardest in his career”, and it is still unknown whether he will continue his international career. Perišić is playing the second semi-final with Croatia, and little Leo will be there to support him…

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