Huawei presents its solutions for the photovoltaic sector and its DC fast charging modules for electric vehicles

Huawei has presented at the Genera 2022 International Energy and Environment Fair the latest developments aimed at energy sector and sustainability including a range of solutions for the photovoltaic sector and its DC fast charging modules for electric vehicles.

Genera 2022which takes place in Ifema (Madrid) between June 14 and 16, is the stage in which the Chinese company Huawei has reaffirmed its commitment to integrate digital technologies and smart electronics in the process of energy transformation.

Through the Digital Power area, the technology company has presented its solutions for the photovoltaic sector, which include investors (High Current type) with flexible communication for different networks (4G, Wlan, ethernet); optimizers, which can offer together with the inverter a performance of up to 30 percent more energy; and communication devices to monitor all processes.

Digital Power also presents solutions in the field of storage at Genera 2022, such as the FusionSolar ‘app’, with which it is possible configure the storage system to charge the batteries overnight (when the electricity rate is cheaper), so that energy that has been obtained at a lower price can be used during the day, as stated in a press release.

On the other hand, the solution for self-consumption ‘Backup box’ o backup box, It allows powering the loads that the user considers critical (such as the refrigerator or electric boiler) when, for example, there is a blackout, so that the electrical appliances do not stop receiving electricity.

Huawei is also working in the field of electric mobility and, more specifically, in the intelligent charging of vehicles. In this area, the company focuses on the development of DC fast charging modules for infrastructures intended for electric cars and, specifically, during the Genera 2022 fair, it has presented a new electric car charger, as well as a battery for ‘utility’.

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