Buffpay: The credit card that every gamer must know

Sick of games? Gamers at heart? From today (Sunday) your shopping can help you move forward! Buff Technologies -Buff.game, launched last weekend its unique credit card for gamers. The card, which has been renamed BuffPAY, operates in cooperation with Visa and is intended for the company’s customers. Next, the company plans to launch a digital wallet, which will complement the new card.

The BUFFPAY card, similar to the credit cards of airlines and retail chains, functions as a completely standard credit card and allows Buff Club members to make purchases in stores that allow payment by Visa cards as well as withdraw funds. Users of the Buff platform who will use the card will be able to enjoy the accumulation of Buff Points, which can be converted in the company’s Market Place into products relevant to gamers such as gaming computers, unique hardware, new games and many other surprises.

BuffPay credit card (Photo: PR)

The launch of the new card comes a week after another announcement by the company, about advanced negotiations for the acquisition of rights in the Avatar app owned by a company from Slovakia. The app is a social network for gamers, which allows users, among other things, to share videos and create an avatar for them – a personal profile / personal and branded digital persona in which they use video games. The company intends to act in order to integrate the activity of the application in the company’s platform, thereby expanding the experience of the platform’s users and the variety of uses for it.

Ili de Bar, CEO of Bap Technologies: “The launch of the credit card is a significant step in expanding the company’s operations and in our view will be a strong growth engine for the coming years. The credit card will serve as an important means of recruiting more users to the Buff platform and as a tool to increase the loyalty of existing platform users. Which in addition, the card will constitute another direct revenue channel for the company that may have significant potential. We see the gaming community as a very strong purchasing power and intend to continue to expand our operations and provide our customers with as much added value as possible. ”

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