Make money on YouTube: how many subscribers do you need?

Many assume that content creators on YouTube need hundreds of thousands of subscribers to start making money from their videos. But that’s not entirely true. To start generating income, a user must have a minimum 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of content in your account. In addition, you also have to meet a minimum requirement of hours generated per month.

If these points are met, the content generator must register in the YouTube Partner Program and start earning money with the ads of the Google’s AdSense, subscriptions and channel memberships.

Additionally, creators can also receive a bonus between 100 and 10,000 dollars from a YouTube fund for uploading short videos (Shorts).

The most experienced content creators have come up with strategies to be able to better monetize their videos. One of the most popular options is to divide the same theme into different videos to Generate more traffic and increased ad viewing.

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For every 1,000 views of an ad, advertising companies pay YouTube an amount. Of this amount, the company takes 45% and the content creator keeps the rest.

In turn, there are different types of advertising that can be introduced on YouTube. pop-up ads that appear in the form of small labels to the right of the video; the mandatory ones, which appear before starting the content and those interspersed during the content.

Each type of ad has its own way of being monetized. Channels that have a larger following on their ads earn more money for them. For example, content creator Jen Lauren, who has about 5,000 subscribers on his channel, he bills about 215 dollars a month for advertising in their videos.

Now, YouTube ads are not the only source of income. Many of them reach independent agreements with other brands so that their products appear in their videos, which ends up being an independent way to monetize their activity on networks.

YouTube’s new direction

Cobra Kai, the only success that YouTube achieved and sold to Netflix. Cobra Kai, the only success that YouTube achieved and sold to Netflix.

After six years betting and investing in the production of its own content, YouTube has decided shut down its Originals content division. The idea was that the star page for viewing videos could succeed with its own productions but, given the meager results, it has decided to close the division.

The only great success that he achieved in these 6 years was Cobra Kai, whose series was bought by Netflix and became an audience phenomenon.

Months ago the head of YouTube Originals, Susanne Daniels, left her position. In addition, the platform had been reducing the investment it allocated to producing this type of content for some time.

You will, however, retain some assets. Bets such as the Creator Shorts Fund, Black Voices, YouTube Kids or Live Shopping are some projects with which YouTube will try to try its luck. On March 1 it closes finally the original content division of the platform.

“Going forward, we will only fund programs that are part of our Black Voices and YouTube Kids funds. We will honor our commitment to ongoing programs already contracted,” said Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s chief business officer.

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