Many people have taken up video editing as a pastime or profession in 2022. Many free and commercial programs have sprung up as a result. The most effective free video editing applications have improved tremendously over the last several years. Offers a fantastic method to get started in videography without having to spend a single penny.

There are many free video editing tool options these days, from desktop applications to web-based tools to mobile apps. Many apps are available for free as a promotion or trial before purchasing the complete, paid edition. Still, some remain free indefinitely without any strings attached. Video editing tool is also helpful for posting to Instagram, making product videos, and streaming live broadcasts on YouTube.

Finding a solution that meets your requirements might be challenging when looking for a free video editing tool. A list of free video editing solutions is provided below to aid your decision-making process.

Below is a detailed list of the best free video editing tools available in 2022.


This easy-to-use video editing tool lets you produce high-quality videos in minutes, even if you have no prior experience. Because it comes pre-loaded with everything, you need to make significant, professional videos, including templates, stock footage, and a very user-friendly editor. InVideo is among the best free video editors for Windows or any other operating system available on the market.

Many competing video editors promise to feature fully-customizable templates, but what distinguishes InVideo is the sheer volume of assets available. If a user desires, they may modify the overall structure of the template. If you are unsure if InVideo is a good fit for your video editing toolbox, create a free account and experiment with the capabilities. You can even edit videos with the InVideo watermark.


It is tough to resist Lightworks as far as free video editing programs go. Powerful video editing features, including multicamera/multi-track video editing, are available via a drag and drop user interface. In which recordings from numerous cameras can be edited together and combined to form a single project. It also allows you to work with other users on projects and edit movies in real-time while you are using the program, which is free.

Because of this, multitaskers will appreciate that they may import and export videos without interrupting what they are doing in the foreground. In addition, the user interface may be completely customized, which is both one of its most significant advantages and one of its major disadvantages. Moving windows around the UI to generate unlimited layout permutations can confuse beginners.


OpenShot is a decent free video editor with a solid set of fundamental capabilities and valuable extras. You may stack a limitless number of layers in your film, including soundtracks, overlapping videos, and unique pictures. Thanks to its basic drag-and-drop layer-based interface, which is simple to use even for beginners. In addition, OpenShot provides a variety of customizable title-card templates that can be tailored to specific needs.

Cropping, trimming, rotating, and resizing your video are available as standard options for enhancing and customizing it. It lacks many complex features, but it is entirely free and open-source. There are no annoying advertisements, watermarks, or pitches for commercial upgrades that can be found in other similar tool. Finally, if you are looking for free video editing tool that does not include watermarks and advertisements, Openshot is an attractive choice.


It has a straightforward interface that is suitable for beginners. Still, it also has many complex capabilities for more experienced users. The most remarkable feature is the level of control it provides over audio, which makes it an excellent choice for movie scenes that rely on sound effects for dramatic effect. An unlimited number of audio recordings can be played simultaneously. It has a comprehensive collection of sound effects to be creative with.

Overall, the tool isn’t as feature-rich as Lightworks. Still, the recording and editing capabilities and sound mixing capabilities are particularly noteworthy for a free video editing package of this nature. A unique feature of VideoPad is that it enables 3D video editing, which is uncommon among free video editing programs.

It also features excellent options for social sharing, including a gallery of social media-friendly effects and transitions and the ability to submit movies to platforms such as Facebook and YouTube without leaving the tool.

Windows Video Editor

The Windows Video Editor, which comes pre-installed on all Windows-based computers, is a powerful video editing tool designed by Microsoft specifically for video editing. For Windows 10, Microsoft completely redesigned and rebuilt what was formerly known as Windows Movie Maker. However, it is not a powerful free video editor. Suppose you are searching for a quick and convenient way of making minor modifications to your videos. In that case, this one might be sufficient for your purposes. Although it has some movie editing skills, it’s mostly a photo editing program.

Despite this, Video Editor can perform essential functions such as cutting, cropping, speed modifications, and adding text or music. A 3D effects area is also included. You can use it to add pre-designed animations to your film to make it more visually appealing. Although it does not have many customization possibilities, Windows Video Editor is a good tool for basic video editing, particularly for those new to Windows and enjoy dealing with the operating system.


In addition to sustaining a wide range of formats, this open-source video processing program also has a comprehensive set of filters, special effects, and the ability to work in 4K. Also included is the ability to decode and encode AV1 video streams. This program’s UI is simple to use and can be customized if necessary.


With VSDC, you can easily add text, lines, charts, and other additional effects to a presentation without spending a penny. It includes filters in the style of Instagram, special effects such as color correction and blurring, and a filter tool for applying products to specific portions of a movie. Among its other features is a video stabilizer for GoPros and drones and a chart tool for creating graphs in presentations.

You should not have issues importing or exporting videos because the free version supports AVI, MPG, and most other video formats. A built-in DVD burner is included, and you can even customize the output to work with specific devices. The tool has the standard features of adding titles, backdrops, and audio to your clips, but it lacks more advanced modifying capabilities.


Numerous free video editing tool are available, but not all provide the same functionality or high-quality output. Hopefully, this information has helped you limit your search a bit. And because these apps are entirely free, you can experiment with as many as you like and find the one that nicely fits your requirements and experience.

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