“Khomeini will have to receive treatments at Shifa”: Israeli hackers claim to have broken into a hospital in Iran
A group of Israeli cyber warriors called @WeRedEvils, who have been operating since the beginning of the war, claimed that today (Monday) they broke into the systems of the “Imam Hussein” hospital in Iran, which serves senior officials of the “Revolutionary Guards”.

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“We managed to take hundreds of thousands of documents, personal details, destroy their internal systems and encrypt them along with the backups,” the fighters wrote on their Telegram channel and added: “It seems that Khamenei will have to fly to receive treatments at Shifa soon.”

In addition, they promised: “We will leak a small part of what we were able to achieve. We left the hospital an open letter with a demand to pay $200,000 in the next 48 hours. If they pay – they will get back the encryption keys of those servers we encrypted. If they refuse – they will have to bear in damages. If they decide to pay, we will donate the money to the IDF soldiers and the families of the abductees.”

Last month, the cyber fighters issued an explicit threat to Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. “Stop the shelling in northern Israel, immediately. You are known as a person who tries to please Hamas and Iran, and tries to enter the game and please the others, and show that you are effective. But in the end, Lebanon will find itself in a very difficult war,” they wrote on their Telegram channel.

“We, the Red Evils, are watching you closely and we are deep in your systems. We are in a strategic and strong point that allows us to destroy your systems at any given moment, including sophisticated and advanced military systems that are based on artificial intelligence. We will create chaos that your people have never seen before. See In this message as a warning, the choice is entirely yours.”


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