A cyber expert explains: This is the reason why hospitals in Israel are exposed to attacks

The State Comptroller’s report revealed that health care institutions in Israel are not prepared for a cyber attack like the one that occurred at Hillel Yaffe Hospital. so, Lotem Finkelstein Director of the cyber intelligence department at Check Point, spoke  with Anat Davidov on 103FM and emphasized: “The lack of budgeting leaves the system vulnerable to attacks.”

In his opening remarks, he said: “Medical systems are vulnerable in a number of dimensions – they are very bound to the regulator, which means they can not do software updates or anything in the medical devices, because none of us would want to go into an X-ray that has been software updated without getting OK. This means that they are really left with vulnerable systems for many years, and the lack of budgeting and investment in the world of cyber security leaves the system vulnerable and vulnerable to attacks. “.

Finkelstein then said: “The health system in Israel and a few other countries in the world is run by the state, so the state’s role is also significant in creating regulations, enforcing them and helping hospitals establish a cyber defense system on the scale of a body like a hospital that is a very large body. “Assistance on the human side, also on the technological side, stump in the budget, also on the methods.”

“Hospitals are also doing this, especially in recent years, awareness is rising the more public attacks there are, there are many that go under the media radar not because they are less severe, and the more public they are trying to find budgets as well as outside sources,” he added.

“I think the state is getting better, but apart from giving guidelines we need an arm to help the hospitals set it up because it is not a multi-medical system that knows how to do but a defensive system and needs a lot of assistance, whether from industry or government,” he concluded.

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