Australia: A Lebanese network influencer kidnapped and attacked a Jewish man
Australian law enforcement authorities arrested Laura Alam (Laura Allam), a social activist and network influencer, on suspicion of having participated in a kidnapping incident that took place in the country. Alam, the former chairman of the Islamic Foundation of Australia, was brought into custody last Monday and charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, unlawful imprisonment and assault. It is suspected that the motive for the crime was that the victim worked for a Jewish man.The incident happened on February 16 in the city of Saint Albans, near Melbourne, Victoria. According to the findings of the investigation, the victim was brutally attacked by a group of people while trying to get into his car and was dragged into the trunk of another car. He was held in a cell against his will by gang members, before they released him in another city. The victim of the attack was referred for medical treatment following the incident.


The Australian media published in the last few hours that 28-year-old Alam was apparently the mastermind behind the kidnapping and attack. It was also believed that she and her colleagues planned to attack people from the Jewish community around Melbourne.

Alam is a member of the Lebanese community in the Melbourne area and a network influencer with tens of thousands of followers on TikTok. As part of her work at the Islamic Foundation in Australia, she helped Palestinians immigrate to the country. In recent months, she published many posts against Israel, spread fake news and even called to “avenge the death of the tortured martyrs” in the Jenin refugee camp and the Gaza Strip.

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