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Berlin – The graying hair tied in a braid, a few strands on the face. Without make-up and inconspicuous, a woman in her 60s. Is this what an internationally wanted terrorist looks like? Yes, says the prosecutor!

The woman in the photo shows Daniela Klette (65). That RAF terrorist who was able to hide for 30 years, the last 20 years in the middle Berlin. With a presumably fake Italian passport and under the name Claudia Ivone, Klette lived on the 5th floor of a seven-story building in the Kreuzberg district. Neighbors describe her as friendly and nice. A woman who regularly walks her dog and gives math tutoring lessons. She apparently feels so secure with her new identity that she created her own Facebook account in 2011 and published photos of herself there.

“At some point it will be over”

ALKA investigators rang their doorbell on MondayAccording to “Spiegel online”, Klette is said to have introduced herself with her false name and identified herself with her Italian passport. At the police station their fingerprints were taken and compared with those from the RAF file: direct hit!

After her unmasking, she seemed relieved, the portal writes. “At some point it will be over,” she is quoted as saying.

She even traveled abroad under a false name

According to her Facebook profile, Klette was involved in a Brazilian cultural association in Berlin, traveled abroad, was interested in the Afro-Brazilian dance and martial arts capoeira and probably also took lessons.

On Tuesday, officers searched the RAF terrorist’s apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Foto: Florian Boillot

Sea Public prosecutor The terrorist has not yet provided any information about her past, but has admitted that she is Daniela Klette.

On Tuesday she was taken to a correctional facility in Lower Saxony. In Lower Saxony the investigation was also carried out. The Verden district court had issued arrest warrants against Klette for several serious robberies.

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