Ukrainian drone attack in Russia, a refinery on fire

If for months Russian forces have been targeting energy installations on Ukrainian territory, kyiv seems to be increasingly adopting the same strategy to slow down supplies to the Russian military forces present in Ukraine.

Russian Telegram channels reported this Wednesday morning a drone attack against an oil refinery in Voronezh in Russia and against oil and energy installations in two districts of the Smolensk region, some 400 km from the Ukrainian borders, said the regional governor , Vasily Anokhine.


On the Voronezh side, while a fire broke out in a refinery, regional governor Gusev reported at the same time that air defense forces shot down four drones. Two days ago, an electromechanical factory in the city had already been bombed.

In the Smolensk region, the local governor says fires broke out at fuel and energy facilities in two districts after a drone attack. According to residents, an oil depot is also on fire, but the extent of the damage is currently unknown.


Last night, drones also attacked the Lipetsk tractor factory. Authorities in Lipetsk say the drones have been shot down, although residents report multiple explosions in the city’s industrial zone. Lipetsk Tractor Plant has been part of the Tractor Plants machine-building group since 2004 and produces, among other things, chassis for military vehicles.

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