Portugal national team star Cristiano Ronaldo caused a shock in the football world, when at the opening of the press conference held yesterday at the end of the game against Hungary in the Euro 2020, he was seen moving the two bottles of the Coca-Cola company, sponsoring the event, and called for drinking only water.

Since the media event, the soft drink giant’s share has fallen by 1.6% and the company’s value has fallen by $ 4 billion. The strategic and marketing consultant Shlomi to Hannah Serving as a lecturer in the College of Management academic track, he talked about it today (Thursday) with Anat Davidov In her program “The Color of Silver” on 103FM radio, and estimated that the act of the football star will not in the long run harm the popular drinks baby.

“It is very difficult for us to say whether it is a planned or spontaneous move, but we need to ask ourselves how it will affect both the brand and the long term on the brand and the stock,” Hannah explained, saying that brand-customer relationships are something that relies on the long term. “I find it hard to believe that a blatant sporadic event, no matter what, will have an impact in the long run, unless Ronaldo adopts such an agenda and goes with it for a long time,” added Hannah.

Asked if there is any special significance to the fact that the person responsible for the event is a brand as an international advocate in his own right, Hannah replied: “There is no doubt that Ronaldo is an influential figure and opinion leader, but in the same breath customers are much more sophisticated than us. “That way, seeing the mother buy a cola drink. The customer can also strive to live a healthy lifestyle and also occasionally pamper himself, which is fine.”

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