Coconut Oil and Meditation: The Secrets of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Morning Routine

On Mondays, Gwyneth Paltrow wakes up at six-thirty in the morning and goes straight to the sink, where she does an oil wash: she puts a nice dose of mint-scented coconut oil in her mouth and passes it between her teeth and tongue for ten minutes, while she does other things in her morning routine. For those unfamiliar, oil rinsing is an Ayurvedic technique that promises to remove toxins from the body and help whiten teeth. “I’m dying for it,” Paltrow says. “You do it and then pass on the tongue itchy tongue – wow! The mouth feels really fresh in the morning.” Then, she and her husband, writer, producer and director Brad Plachuk, do 20 minutes of transcendental meditation before her coffee, fitness workout and smoothie she loves.

Paltrow’s latest project in the lifestyle and health brand Goop is the Netflix series “Sex, Love and Body”, which follows real couples working with intimacy experts on various issues in their sex lives (last year The Goop Lab, also on Netflix, gave an in-depth look at the world of wellness) . During the show, Paltrow appears on screen and asks the couples about their experiences and chats with her friend, intimacy instructor Michaela Bam. While some women undress in front of a mirror to work on issues of body image, Paltrow tells their heart: “I feel the next stage of work in my life should be on true acceptance because I push myself very hard not to grow old and not be disappointed by the way I look, and I am still disappointed From the way I look, you know? ”

Paltrow and Michaela Bam in “Sex, Love and the Body” / Photo: Associated Press, Netflix

Paltrow gained fame in the mid-1990s for roles she played in films such as “Seven Sins,” “Emma,” and “Revolving Doors.” In 1999, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Viola de Lespas in Shakespeare in Love; The gum-pink dress she wore for the award was just one example of the iconic style she has nurtured over the years. Nowadays, Paltrow has replaced the game with body management, which began as a newsletter in 2008 and has now become a company with a line of clothing, beauty products and nutritional supplements. She talks to the Wall Street Journal about a Shakespeare quote that has personal significance for her and how Placzuk helped her communicate better.

What are you eating at breakfast to start the week right?
“I’m not a breakfast person, so I drink coffee and make breakfast for a lot of other people, but not for myself.”

How do you drink the coffee?
“I drink the coffee with cream, or if I want something healthier – everyone in the house drinks the coffee with a different milk substitute. We have macadamia nut milk that I like; my daughter drinks with almond milk.

I think I know the answer to that, but are you taking any vitamins?
“Absolutely. The thing I do [אחרי שטיפת השמן] It’s a fitness workout and then I drink a smoothie and take vitamins after the workout. It’s not even completely smoothie, I put maccha tea powder and some ground ginger and turmeric and to that I add one of our brand’s collagen packs and also a micro-powder for stomach microbes. And to that I add almond milk and ice and that’s what I drink with my vitamins. ”

What does fitness training look like in your morning routine?
“I’re a big fan of Tracy Anderson. I think it’s the most amazing workout, it worked for me for 16 years. I do it or go for a walk with my husband. But most of the day when I’m not doing Tracy’s training, I do a long walk at noon [הערת העורך: פאלטרו היא משקיעה ושותפה בחברה של היזמית אנדרסון]”.

With the new Netflix series focusing on sex and intimacy, alongside the G-spot vibrator you recently launched, and the body’s DTF supplement for sexual arousal, is the company becoming a sexual health empire?
“Do not put us in the category! We also deal with wellness. I think it is an important pillar in women’s health in general and is not discussed enough, so I am excited to illuminate it in the light of a body.”

On the show, it was quite predictable to see how much men might not understand a woman’s body. But then you see that women do not understand their bodies either.
“I think we are not taught to think about it. We are not taught to tune in and hear it or say, ‘Why does it not feel good to me?’ At least in my generation, I think there was a lot of thought, let’s not make too much trouble. Let’s not ruin the moment, let’s not interfere with anything. Let me ask about it. ”

Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Brad Plachuk in the premiere of

Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Brad Plachuk in the premiere of “Sex, Love and the Body” / Photo: Associated Press, Evan Agostini / Invision

You also talk in the program about the challenge of true self-acceptance and feeling less pressure to grow old. Have you been able to work on it since the work on the program was completed?
“I’m really trying. I still feel a lot of the time I have self-criticism, but then I think the difference is that I’m more aware of it, especially since the program was launched. I think, okay, it’s a really negative voice. Let’s try to accept who we are. I’m trying To bring a slightly more loving approach to this type of thought. ”

The program focuses on some of the topics that people talk about around sex that simply relate to good communication. How do you ensure that you have open and good communication in your relationships?
“I’m very lucky in that because I’m bad at it. I’m not a good fighter. My basic line is that if I get into a defensive position, I do not communicate well. And my husband is like a Jedi in that. He does not let me shut down or talk about things. “It really creates a space where I can feel comfortable saying something. Really, all the credit goes to it.”

What one piece of advice you have always received has helped you?
“I think Shakespeare said this best when he wrote, ‘Be true to yourselves.’ .

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