Adriatic oil pipeline JANAF announced the suspension of oil deliveries to NIS

The Adriatic oil pipeline JANAF announced the suspension of oil delivery to the Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS), and if this happens, the oil refinery in Pancevo will not be able to continue working, and Petrohemija will stop working, Politika reported today.

The only thing that the West, which is punishing NIS and its majority owners “Gazpromneft” in this way, could prevent it from stopping with deliveries is to end the conflicts in Ukraine by then, the paper states.

YUNAF stated in a statement that sanctions against Russia over the attack on Ukraine include an agreement on the transport of crude oil concluded with NIS, and if there are no changes, that agreement will not be able to be implemented from mid-May this year until the sanctions are in force. .

As specified, this agreement reserved the transport capacities of the oil pipeline, in principle, a lot for empty in the total amount of 3.2 million tons, plus minus 10 percent of oil, so if there is no change, the contract will not be able to be realized from May 15. while the previous restrictive measures prescribed by the Council of Europe Regulation are in force.

This definitely confirms the fourth package of EU sanctions against Russia, the details of which have yet to be submitted to the Serbian side because they are still being interpreted by the administration, Politika reported.

The paper reminded that EU sanctions against Russia include a ban on all transactions with Russian state-owned companies, and that the state will have to do something to continue uninterrupted supply of all types of derivatives, since NIS is majority owned by Gazpromneft, which has 56 , 15 percent of shares, the Republic of Serbia 29.87 percent and small shareholders 13.98 percent.

The source of Politika stated that without JANAF, there is no work of the refinery in Pancevo, which in this way received about 3.2 million tons of oil a year.

It is also estimated that Serbia will have a hard time if the war in Ukraine is not stopped by May 15, because the domestic oil production is around 800,000 tons, and what is in the fields in Romania, around 56,000 tons, is not enough to cover needs of Serbia, because NIS covers about 70 percent of the domestic market with petroleum products.

The paper also announced that by stopping at the refinery, Petrohemija, which supplies primary gasoline, will soon stop working, and that the only salvation from this situation is for the state to take over a controlling stake in Gazpromneft together with small shareholders.

The same source stated that Serbia cannot rely on the purchase of derivatives from the surrounding refineries, because most of them are already stockpiling oil and fuel and will hardly want to sell them to Serbia, especially if the end of the conflict in Ukraine cannot be predicted. .

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