TV host Signe Molde made a wild call to Brøndby’s football player Andreas Maxsø
Signe Molde does not hide that she was out with Brøndby Fans last week. Photo: Mogens Flindt

TV host Signe Molde clearly could not hide her excitement when she was in Herning to watch the football match between FC Midtjylland and Brøndby on Thursday night.

The sharp viewer may have spotted the big yellow banner among the fans present, which read ‘Fuck me, Maxsø’.

But who stood with the banner?

In an Instagram post, Signe Molde now reveals that she is the one who kept the tifo with the clear call to the Brøndby player.

‘Then little mother made her first tifo’, she writes in the post, where she shares a picture of herself shouting wearing Brøndby merchandise.

Confused followers
Molde’s post has got several of her followers in the red box in the comment track, where several think it is strange that she is wearing a Brøndby tifo when she follows FC Copenhagen on Instagram.

‘Thinking you are quite confused if you stand on the south side, but follow the opposite team, and vice versa. If you can not see for yourself that it is strange, then fair enough ‘, writes a user to the post.

‘Why do you follow Section 12 and FC Copenhagen, the kbh scene, etc., when you are on the south side’, writes another.

Why Signe Molde was with Brøndby fans in Herning is not known. But in the post, she has tagged ‘new programs on the way’, so maybe you can expect some new TV. Previously, Signe Molde has been in ‘Molde on the road’. Maybe there is a reference.

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