“He took off his pants and pushed my head down”: Ron Jeremy victims are revealed

Women harmed by porn star Ron Jeremy discover in a new documentary how he allegedly raped and sexually assaulted them. “He grabbed my hand and placed it on his penis,” one of them testified. The actor and director is arrested ahead of his trial with more than 30 charges of rape and sexual assault

Some of the women Ron Jeremy assaulted reveal in a new documentary how they claim an American Jewish porn actor and director raped and sexually assaulted them. Jeremy, 68, is currently in custody ahead of a trial that includes more than 30 charges against him for rape and sexual assault on cases that began in 1996. Of these, 12 were charged with rape, including that of a 17-year-old girl in 2008 and a 15-year-old girl in 2004. Jeremy’s lawyer said the actor was “innocent of all charges”.

The women in the 30-minute documentary, “Ron Jeremy: The Fall of the Porn Icon” by name, are not involved in the lawsuit against him. One of them is Tana, who claimed to have been raped by Jeremy in 2015 before becoming a porn actress. She testified that she came to the house to be a guest on a radio show in which Jeremy participated, and claimed that after talking for a few minutes he attacked her.

Another victim is Alexis Miller, who testified that she knew Jeremy for several years and participated in porn movies alongside him before he attacked her. According to her, the sexual assault on his part took place in the bathroom of an entertainment complex in Los Angeles. After leading her there, she said “he pulled his pants down, and at the same time pushed my head down”. Miller testified in the days that followed that she felt pain from the physical assault and added, “In her own I was a 20-year-old porn star, who cares?”

Another woman is former porn actress Ginger Banks, who claims Jeremy sexually assaulted her at an awards ceremony, placing his hand on her ass as she passed him. After telling her friends about it, they told her “this is exactly what he does”. “I thought it was pretty weird so I started looking online and found full of pictures of him touching women in public places, and it’s not clear what they felt about it,” Banks said.

Another witness testified to the assault of a woman named Kat Black, who claimed that Jeremy grabbed her hand and placed it on his penis. “I did not refer to my experience with Jeremy as trauma perhaps because I went through so many things in life and I do not see things like that. But it was one hundred percent offensive.”

The documentary also features Jeremy’s supporters. Producer Jim Powers claims that many of the women who testified against Jeremy Pusht jumped on the cart of the MeToo movement and tried to take money out of the actor, he claimed.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has starred in hundreds of pornographic films since the 1970s, which put him in the Guinness Book of Records. Alongside acting in porn films he has also directed close to 300 films in the genre. In addition, he has starred in non-adult films, in supporting roles and sometimes in the role itself, including “The Pursuit,” “Boogie Nights,” “The Saints from Boston,” “American Virgin” and “Laws of Attraction.”

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