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Remember the first time you tasted pizza? If not, get a reminder – because probably this viral video of the toddler tasting pizza for the first time, is an accurate record of what each of us feels when he gives a bite

Pizza is one of the most beloved dishes in the world – and rightly so. There is nothing tastier than a layer of greasy cheese on a dough, and if you still need proof of that perfection, it came in a ticking video that has already conquered the web, in less than a week.

In a TikTok video shared on an account called Oh_shoot_girl, a baby girl is seen sitting on a high chair at the kitchen table with a hand reaching for a slice of pizza to taste. The baby bites and starts chewing, when very quickly her eyes roll back as she relishes the taste of the pizza. The video has already garnered over 44 million views and over 8 million likes.

“This is how I look when I eat drunk pizza,” wrote one surfer next to a row of emojis with a laughing face. Another surfer wrote, “This is me after sipping my first coffee in the morning.” “That’s really how I feel about pizza,” another added. “How did someone get my video eating pizza?” Joked another surfer. “Even today, 28 years later I still make that face when I eat pizza,” wrote another surfer who identified with the feeling. “I cry from this,” wrote another, “it was her first time she came to heaven.”

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