Followed the model Brooks Nader for hours – with the help of Apple’s Air Tag

Brooks Nader was on her way home after a long outing with friends when she suddenly found out that someone had been following her for five hours with the help of Apple’s product. “It was the scariest experience of my life. The word ‘disturbed’ is not enough to describe how I feel.”

Sports Illustrated Brooks Nader model went out with friends in New York last Wednesday, but the fun night turned into a nightmare when she found out that someone had been following her for hours – using Apple’s Air Tag. The Air Tag is designed to prevent the loss of valuables to users – they put it on objects and so in fact they can locate them in case of loss, since the phone allows to discover the location of the objects.

The same stalker put an Air Tag in Nader’s coat and she found out about it when she received an alert saying that an “unknown device” was with her for a while and that owners of the same device could see her location. “Apple, did you take into account the danger and deadly possibilities that this device has?”, She wrote on Instagram when she realized that it was Air Tag. “Women, check your bags, coats, pockets and your surroundings. The word ‘disturbed’ is not enough to describe how I feel.”

“I was sitting at the bar waiting for people alone with the coat on the chair behind me. The place was full,” she told MailOnline. “When I was on my way home, I got the alert that someone was following me, I freaked out and then of course my battery ran out. It was the scariest moment of my life.”

“I hope my story will help raise awareness and encourage women to be careful and keep their belongings close, especially when they are outside. I never thought such a thing could happen to me and it happened. If it does happen to you and you find Air Tag – call the police and Apple immediately to follow The serial number back to the offender. ”

Apple did not comment on the case, but the company’s website read of the product: “Air Tag is designed to prevent unwanted tracking. If someone else’s Air Tag finds its way into your stuff, your iPhone will notice it is with you and send you an alert.”

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