We are proud of our scientists, Health Minister Michael Hadjipantela said on Saturday after a new version was announced by Cypriot scientists.

Dr. Leontius Kostrikis, who heads the team of scientists working at the University of Cyprus’ Biotechnology and Molecular Virology Laboratory, said a new version of the corona virus had been identified in the community.

In a conversation with local media, Kostrikis explained that the new version, dubbed Deltacron, shares the genetic background of the Delta version along with some of the Omicron mutations.

“We have found a significant number of mutations found in the past only in Omicron cases, which is different from other versions because it has 30 mutations,” he said. “Ten of them were identified in these samples taken in Cyprus.”

He added that the version was identified in 25 samples taken in Cyprus, 11 of which came from people hospitalized for the corona virus and 14 from the general population.

“The frequency of mutations was higher among those hospitalized, which may mean that there is a correlation between Deltacron and hospitalizations.”

It is quite possible that the specific version has not been identified anywhere else in the world, he said, so this discovery could arouse worldwide interest.

“The groundbreaking research and findings of Dr. Kostrikis’ team make us proud of our scientists, as this research has put Cyprus on the international map when it comes to health issues,” the Djipentles said.

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