The sex scandal in the Serbian national team, Luka Jović and Ana Rajković, women laugh at the camp

Before the crucial match at the World Cup against Switzerland, in which they no longer have the right to a setback if they want to qualify for the round of 16, from the camp Serbian national football team there were accusations about the alleged sex scandal of the player with the wives and girlfriends of his teammates, and even that there was a fight.

Captain Dusan Tadic at a press conference on Tuesday, he denied stories about any disagreements when asked by Serbian journalists about a “conspiracy theory”, while the Serbian federation did not officially comment on anything. However, another significant message arrived from the players themselves.

Football player of Fiorentina Luka Jovicwho did not get a single minute in the first two games of the “eagles” against Brazil (0-2) and Cameroon (2-2), announced himself on Instagram with a photo of himself posing with teammate Nemanja Gudelj (31) from Sevilla.

“Ready for the next one,” wrote Jović and tagged Gudelj, and both men took up fighting guard. The Serbian media claim that they were making fun of the gossip.

Photo: Instagram

“Due to Serbia’s bad results, various stories started, and one of them is that Luka Jović and Nemanja Gudelj got into a fight. The reason – supposedly Sofia. Who knows – maybe Anastasia too,” Kurir writes.

“Let’s state at the end – even if they fought, what does it matter! Just let them take Serbia to the finals of the World Cup!”, writes Blic.

In order to relieve the pressure on the team, coach Dragan Stojković Piksi made an interesting move and allowed the wives of football players to come to the camp.

In the meantime, the wife of reserve goalkeeper Predrag Rajković, Ana, posted a photo on Instagram in a swimsuit at the pool in front of a hotel in Doha.

“The jealous always make up the story, the stupid spread it, and the IDIOTS believe it,” she wrote.

Dusan Vlahovicwho also didn’t get a single minute against Cameroon due to an alleged argument with the coach, trained on Tuesday with the other reserve players and, according to the Serbian media, “captured energy and passion”.

For him, Pixi stated that he is 30 percent ready, and he later wrote on Instagram that he is “always ready”.

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