Google incorporates additional information about medical clinics such as the languages ​​available or if they accept insurance

Google has incorporated into its ecosystem, including its Search Engine and Google Maps, a series of additional functions related to medical clinics such as languages ​​available to serve patients and whether or not they accept people with insurance.

The new functions, which for the moment are only available to Google users in the United States, have the objective that people “can make informed decisions about their health,” as the company explained in a statement.

To help users find doctors who treat patients with health insurance, one of the new features is a filter in the Search Engine and in Maps to obtain only those who accept it in the results, starting with Medicare, insurance for people over 65.

Likewise, so that people can communicate with their doctors, Google has also incorporated the language or languages ​​in which clinic care is available. It is the doctor himself who can provide this information to help his potential patients to choose.

Google has detailed that it currently has support for a dozen languages represented in this role, including Spanish and also sign language.

To ensure that the medical data provided by Google is up-to-date, the company will conduct a review of these profiles and help them fill in the information through its business tools.

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