Anonymous threatens Russia: We will carry out the largest cyber attack in history

Anonymous hackers threatened today (Monday) that this coming Thursday, they will carry out what has been described as “the biggest cyber attack in history.” In their statement, the hackers noted that during the attack they are expected to, among other things, empty the bank accounts of Russian citizens, and transfer the money in favor of the Ukrainian army.

The anonymous hackers are threatening that on Thursday they will carry out the “biggest cyber attack in history”, in which they will empty the bank accounts of Russian citizens and transfer the money to the benefit of the Ukrainian army.

— Hayim Iserovich (@hayim75) February 28, 2022

Earlier today, Check Point released data showing that in recent days there has been a nearly 200 percent increase in the number of cyber attacks on government and military targets in Ukraine. This is a significant jump, compared to only a two percent increase in attacks on organizations and businesses in Ukraine that are not from these sectors.

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The data also show that there was a four percent increase in attacks on companies and organizations in Russia, while at the same time, there was a decrease in the number of attacks last weekend in most of the world. The Eastern Slavic languages ​​- Russia, Ukraine and Belarus – a third of these attacks were directed at Russian speakers, and were sent from Ukrainian emails.

In addition, some of the phishing attacks involve deceiving people who want to contribute to the war effort in Ukraine under the heading – “Let’s Support Ukraine”.

Check Point further noted that since the beginning of the fighting there has been a general mobilization of hackers and attack groups, from all over the world, for offensive activity especially in the conflict countries. Among other things, after a call by a minister in the Ukrainian government for the help of hackers against Russian targets, more than 175,000 participants enlisted in a dedicated telegram group, which presents targets for attacking Russia or the Russian army. The conflict in Eastern Europe has become one of the main issues of concern among cyber-attackers associated with the various crime groups.

The company has recommended increasing vigilance regarding emails and messages received in relation to combat, and taking into account that many attackers around the world are taking advantage of the war to steal money and infect computers and mobile phones with various damages.

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