Juganu has introduced new technological developments in the field of smart lighting

The Israeli company Juganu, which is collaborating with the communications giant Qualcomm to establish a 5G network for smart cities and public infrastructure in Brazil and the United States, has unveiled its new technological developments in the field of smart lighting for the retail market. This is expected to help small and medium-sized businesses compete with the benefits provided by online services and commerce giants.

The company hosted a senior delegation, which includes the director of Qualcomm’s smart cities and digital transformation, Sanjite Pandit, the Brazilian Minister of Communications and other Brazilian elected officials, the CEO of Nokia Brazil, the CEO of Qualcomm Latin America and more. At the event, the company unveiled its unique technological development, based on the most available and convenient real estate that a city or business has – lighting, which serves as a cost-effective solution not only for smart cities, but today also for businesses in general and the retail market in particular.

The company has implemented technology based on artificial intelligence and big data, which enable the reduction of infrastructure construction costs for a smart business and energy savings. “The goal of the new development is to connect the physical with the digital,” the company explained. “The new solution was born based on Gugano’s existing capabilities for smart cities and based on the insight that the rise of ecommerce should not be an obstacle for physical retail.”

Gugano develops and manufactures an End2End platform for applications and connectivity in public and commercial areas integrated with lighting fixtures. The platform is, in fact, data on lighting poles, and it includes communication systems (like 5G) for transmitting data over broadband and a variety of sensors and IoE applications as a basis for smart city infrastructure.

The use of the company’s smart lighting in the retail world allows a business owner to secure the store, set up a digital customer base and identify preferred customers (with their approval) upon entering the store, monitor store inventory through artificial intelligence, conduct queues and more while adhering to privacy regulations.

To date, the company has networked more than 350,000 lamps, and its smart technology is spread across five continents and more than 15 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Philadelphia, the United States (Arlington, San Diego), Greece and Israel (Or Yehuda). The company’s development center is located in Or Yehuda, and the company has sites in the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

Eran Ben Shmuel, CEO and co-founder of Gugano, said at the event: “It is the right retirement of wireless and 5G communications that will enable the realization of future technologies, thanks to which we will be able to live comfortably, efficiently and sustainably.”

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