The candidate from Arizona who thinks women shouldn’t vote, the man who promotes conspiracy theories, the challenger from Pennsylvania who believes abortion is murder, and the woman who is considered a devout Trump supporter. The US midterm elections are upon us, and the candidates from the Republican Party are threatening to shake up American democracy

Republicans are expected to take control of the House and Senate in the midterm elections. Among this year’s candidates are many Republican lawmakers who are loyal to former President Donald Trump and are relentlessly promoting Trump’s conspiracy theories about stealing the 2020 presidential election, which the former president lost.

Trump’s followers, some of whom received his personal support in the midterm election campaign, also support the former president’s racist social agenda and his agenda to undermine the foundations of American democracy through the judicial system.

From members of the House of Representatives and senators in the Senate to the governors and secretaries and legislators of the various states, there are a large number of questionable and disturbing candidates this year who, given the opportunity, would love to make the United States a scary place. Here are four of them:

Blake Masters

Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters received a $15 million donation to his campaign from billionaire Peter Thiel. The latter believes that the fact that women got the right to vote is bad for democracy, he was one of Trump’s biggest donors in 2016, and his political-economic philosophy, according to his biographer, “borders on fascism.”

Masters has declared that he is completely opposed to abortion. According to CNN, he also supports an amendment to the constitution that would state that “fetuses are human beings who must not be killed.” However, in August he moderated slightly, saying that he supports Arizona’s ban on abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy, with no exceptions such as rape or incest.

According to him, he admires Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore in 1959-1990. Hugh was a tyrant whose government offered the poor and uneducated a financial incentive to undergo sterilization. Masters also said that “everyone” should read the racist manifesto of Ted Kaczynski, the “Yonobomber” who from 1978-1995 sent 16 explosive packages to people in the United States, killing three of them and injuring 23.

He supports the racial replacement theory, according to which white Americans are in danger of becoming a minority in the United States. He blamed “blacks” for crime and gun violence. Masters are glorified on Livna Supremacy websites, including the “Daily Stormer” – a neo-Nazi website.

Don Bolduc

According to recent polls, Don Boldock has a narrow lead over Maggie Hassen in the New Hampshire Senate race. He advanced an anti-LGBT conspiracy theory that schools’ policies towards gender identity are too soft and that they support children who identify as cats.

Bolduc said that Bill Gates wants to insert chips into people using the corona vaccines. He described the use of embryos for the purpose of in vitro fertilization as “repulsive” and supports a national ban on the procedure that thousands of people go through each year to give birth to a baby.

Bolduc would deny the 2020 election until he won the primary, when he admitted the election was “not stolen”. However, last month he said that he “cannot determine” on the issue.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

One of the most competitive and important Senate races was held in Pennsylvania between Democrat Lt. Gov. John Peterman and Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz. The two are competing for a Senate seat that opened up with the retirement of Republican Senator Pat Toomey. Peterman, a progressive Democrat, leads Oz in the polls – although in May he passed A stroke that forced him to stay at home for months.

Oz is a millionaire TV star and the candidate who received Trump’s support (he and Trump have been friends for nearly 20 years). An American of Turkish descent, Oz may be the first Muslim senator in the United States.

The 61-year-old heart surgeon previously hosted a show called “The Dr. Oz Show” and was a regular guest on Oprah Winfrey’s show. On his television show, he promoted pseudoscience, including topics such as faith healing and supernatural beliefs that he was heavily criticized by the medical establishment. Because he is actually a pagan doctor.

He believes, according to an audio clip released in 2019, that abortion is “murder” and that local politicians should be involved in health and medical decisions related to women.

Earlier this month it was announced that Oz was also responsible for the deaths of more than 300 dogs and dozens of puppies, although his spokesman denied this. He also decided to give a speech in the same room as Adolf Hitler’s car, a vehicle with a swastika painted on it. According to the Jezebel website, Oz spoke at the Lyon Air Museum, where a Republican fundraising event was held. In one of the rooms, there is a 1939 Mercedes-Benz G4 Offener car, which belonged to Hitler and which he used for several years during World War II.

He previously founded an app that can track women who want to have an abortion. He is also known for making sexual statements unacceptable to women. He called his wife “animal in bed”, for example. There is also a rumor that he had sex with his cousin.

Oz also insists that he owns two houses, when in fact he owns ten properties. During his Senate campaign, he spared no means to attack his opponent and enjoyed mocking him for having had a stroke.

Marjorie Taylor Green

Georgia House of Representatives member Marjorie Taylor Green is a devout election denier and Trump supporter. She also promotes the QAnon conspiracy theory – which is based on a satan-worshipping pedophile sect, led by the biggest stars in Hollywood and Democratic Party officials (hereafter: “the elite”). Together, the group runs a child trafficking network for the purposes of sex and cannibalism.

According to the cultists, the Hollywood stars discovered the fountain of youth, a kind of natural anti-aging drug called “adrenochrome” which is extracted from the adrenaline extract of a living person. The younger and more frightened the person from whom the organs are harvested, the higher quality and more effective the adrenochrome extracted from him. I mean, if a certain actor looks young for his age, he probably just keeps kids in his basement and occasionally rapes and then eats them. The Clinton family does it too, Al Gore too. This is how the elite strengthens itself. And she will continue to abuse children forever, when there is only one person who can defeat her: Donald J. Trump.

According to Q’s conspiracy, since Donald Trump did not emerge from the political elite but was an outsider, he is the only one who could handle this horrifying phenomenon. But the people of the American Deep State did not let him do it. They created a deadly virus called “Corona” in some laboratory in China and caused the death of millions around the world, then falsified the election results and expelled him from the White House, before he could stop the diabolical plot. It ended with thousands of cultists refusing to accept the election results, climbing onto Capitol Hill and attempting a violent coup d’état. All following messages received by an anonymous person on the Internet – who has become the leader of an almost religious movement, although no one really knows who he is.

Taylor Green wants to outlaw the entire field of transgender treatment. Recently, she even told some woman that she was too old and too barren to have an abortion, and called for the Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be executed for treason.

Ron DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, 43, is running for a second term with an aggressive and radical agenda for cultural and social issues in Florida, which many believe is a prelude to his 2024 election ambitions.

DeSantis, considered the rising star of the Republican Party and managed to arouse even Trump’s fears, approved new voting restrictions aimed at limiting mail-in voting in Florida, a move that drew accusations from the Justice Department of racial discrimination.

DeSantis supports a blanket ban on abortions after the 15th week with no exceptions such as rape or incest. He also suspended a prosecutor in the state of Florida, who refused to enforce the ban on abortion after the 15th week.

He has supported dozens of school board races and candidates who like him call for broader “parental rights” in the classroom, especially when it comes to LGBT issues. DeSantis has made the issue of education a central part of his platform after signing several laws aimed at limiting what children can be taught Florida. Earlier this year, he signed a law that limits discourse about race and racism in classrooms and workplaces. In March, he passed a law that bans instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

DeSantis recently signed another law that requires students to learn about the “victims of communism” every November. DeSantis also signed the Stop WOKE Act to ban conversations about race that could make white people feel bad about themselves. He banned transgender girls and women from participating in sporting events.

DeSantis, who opposes immigration, lured Venezuelan immigrants onto planes and sent them without warning to Martha’s Vineyard as a protest against Democratic immigration policies. Denstis also opposed corona vaccines during the pandemic.

In the confrontation last month, he refused to commit to serving a second full term as governor of the state, because he wants to be elected in the primary and be the Republican Party’s candidate for the White House in 2024.

Despite the controversial policy, DeSantis is in a better position than his Democratic rivals heading into the general election. So far he has amassed more than $100 million in campaign funding, and is consistently leading his potential opponents in the polls.

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