Aleksic (People’s Party): Unity of the opposition is a condition for success in the elections

The Vice President of the People’s Party, Miroslav Aleksić, assessed today that the unity of the opposition and efficient control of the election process are the conditions for success in the elections announced for April 3.

Aleksic told Nova S television that “intensive” talks on uniting the opposition are underway.

“It is not only our wish, but also the request of the citizens and the lesson after Sunday’s referendum that only a united opposition can win,” said the vice president of the People’s Party.

Stating that talks on the joint candidate of the opposition coalition for the presidency of Serbia should be completed this week, Aleksic assessed that it should be the candidate who has the highest chances of endangering Vucic.

That is why we are doing public opinion polls and I am one of those whose ratings are measured. We have narrowed the circle of names and we will inform the public about the candidate. There are good candidates among politicians and non-partisans. I believe that the candidate will be supported and other actors, in order to create a referendum atmosphere in the presidential elections, which will be the central elections on April 3, “Aleksic said.

He assessed that the elections will also be a “central battle against Rio Tinto”, and called on the citizens not to “fall prey to the deception of the government that it has given up on the lithium mine”.

They are doing it now only because of the election campaign, and we will drive Rio Tinto away when we change the government. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic is blatantly lying that the former government allowed Rio Tinto to dig up lithium, because the SNS government passed key amendments to the Mining Law in 2015. by which Rio Tinto received legal guarantees for the excavation, “said Aleksić.

Asked about allegations that the SNS candidate for mayor of Belgrade could be the mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Jankovic, Aleksic said that it shows that Vucic “does not have a solution for Belgrade and is in a panic, so he must think about importing candidates from Slovenia.”

“Vučić is aware that he cannot win in Belgrade and he is aware that he will lose power in Serbia as well. He led to the fact that there are no candidates now with a negative selection of staff. to change the elections, “said the vice president of the People’s Party.

Aleksic added that the opposition has no space to present its program in the media, because, as he said, its representatives are “involved in discussions about mutual relations between the parties”.

“Citizens are not interested in inter-party relations, but they are interested in the price of fuel, electricity, wages, the fight against corruption… One billion euros are stolen every year through public procurement. Serbia is on the verge of bankruptcy, because in the past ten years the debt increased from 15 billion euros to 30 billion, and the gross domestic product increased by only one billion, “said Aleksić.

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