Belavia cancels flights to Tel Aviv, blaming Israel

The Israeli aviation authorities refused Belavia to service aircraft at Ben Gurion Airport, in connection with which the airline was forced to cancel previously scheduled flights to Tel Aviv, the website of the Belarusian company reports.

The official statement said: “Israel announced its decision, despite the fact that initially, on May 15, 2022, an official permission for flights was issued and a flight program was approved according to the new schedule (with a technical landing in Baku).”

“Based on the permission issued, the airline began selling tickets for new flights, the first of which was scheduled for June 2. The sudden decision of the Israeli side to cancel the previous agreements is surprising,” says Igor Cherginets, CEO of the airline.

Due to Israel’s refusal, the airline is forced to cancel all scheduled flights until the end of the summer season (October 27, 2022).

“Passengers who purchased tickets for Minsk-Tel Aviv-Minsk flights earlier, as well as for flights on a new route through Baku, are guaranteed a full refund. For a refund, contact the place where tickets were purchased,” Belavia said in a statement. “.

The Belavia airline has been operating regular flights from Minsk to Tel Aviv since 1996, and has always been interested in promoting this route, one of the most popular among passengers due to many factors: close family ties between citizens of Belarus and Israel, the popularity of Israeli resorts, medical tourism and a wide range of health opportunities.

“We regret that the planned meetings of relatives will not take place, the citizens of Israel will not be able to fly to Belarus and spend a hot summer in a milder climate, and the citizens of Belarus will not be able to improve their health in the resorts of the Red and Dead Seas,” said Igor Cherginets. “We really regret about the possible losses that all participants in the tourism industry of Belarus and Israel will suffer as a result of the cancellation of previously booked and paid vouchers, but once again we draw attention to the fact that the unilateral decision of the Israeli side led to this situation.” Igor Cherginets also stressed that since February 2022, since the suspension of flights (against the background of the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war after the invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine, including from the territory of Belarus, – ed. the airline took all possible measures to restore flights.

It should be noted that in March-April 2022, Belavia repeatedly changed the flight schedule due to restrictions in the airspace of Russia (against the background of the war against Ukraine), among others, flights to Israel were canceled. In mid-May, Belavia announced new flights on the Minsk-Tel Aviv route with an intermediate stop at Baku airport for refueling (the estimated travel time was called about 8 hours). It was assumed that these flights will be operated from June 2, 2022.

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