“We have a Spain with a tremendous future,” said Jorge Vilda

Jorge Vilda, the head coach of the women’s national soccer team, confessed that his team’s elimination from Euro 2022 this Wednesday’s quarterfinal match against England left him with a “bitter taste,” despite the team’s bright future.

“Because of the way the defeat has been and the fact that we are leaving this championship, the taste is bitter. Playing the game like my players did today is, if there is a decent way to lose, “At a press conference following the 2-1 victory in Brighton, she stated.

Despite grabbing the lead in the 54th minute thanks to Esther González, the Spain coach revealed what he said to his players after the extra-time defeat. “I have assured them that everyone is proud of what we have witnessed on the pitch, including myself. They did everything, they gave it their all, but nothing worked, so we must move on with our heads held high “she said.

“From what we have observed at this European Championship and what is to come, we have a team that will last for a very long time. Spain has a bright future. We will have to process it, work to get better, and hope that going forward, when we have a crucial moment, the headwind and these hurdles we’ve experienced since the concentration started won’t be as present “He said, sure of the outcome.

Vilda was reluctant to address the Irene Paredes elbowing incident that occurred at 1-1 in England. “There are seven minutes remaining, and you are contemplating what you can do to prevent giving up a goal. A cross at that point makes you equal. It is not plainly visible to me from the bench. Beyond that, all that is left are the players’ strong performances and what the future holds for us “said he.

“We were losing possession when we scored the goal, they were advancing dangerously, and we sent out men who may have been more helpful. They’ve all performed admirably, but we would have wanted to have seen more of the ball. Scoring the second goal would have been crucial “, term.

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