It all started with a challenge from Elon Musk to the United Nations where he urged that they show him how 6,000 million dollars of his wealth They could solve the hunger in the world. This week, the UN responded with a detailed plan.

In this way, the World Food Program (WFP), the UN’s food assistance branch, has exposed what would be its investment method to prevent 42 million people in 43 countries will go hungry.

In the breakdown, titled ‘A Unique Call to Billionaires’, the WFP indicated that around $ 3.5 billion would be used for food and shipping and another $ 2 billion would go to food stamps and cash.

“Elon Musk, you asked for a clear plan and open books! Here it is!”the executive director of the UN World Food Program, David Beasley, replied on Twitter.

As if to escape any misunderstanding and that everything said will be well established, he took the trouble to expand each of the items in question:

  • $ 3.5 billion for food and its delivery, including the cost of shipping and transport to the country, plus storage and local delivery of food using air, land and river transport, contracted truck drivers and security escorts in areas affected by the conflict to distribute food.
  • $ 2 billion for cash and food stamps in places where markets can work. This type of aid enables those most in need to buy the food of their choice and supports local economies.
  • $ 700 million for country-specific costs in order to design and manage the implementation of efficient programs for millions more tons of food and cash transfers and vouchers, tailored to country conditions and operational risks in 43 countries.
  • $ 400 million for the management of global and regional operations, administration and accountability. Including the coordination of supply lines and global air routes; global logistics coordination, such as freight contracting; monitoring and global analysis of hunger around the world.

Elon Musk sells Tesla shares

Elon Musk exercised options and sold more shares of Tesla Inc., continuing a sell-off streak that contributed to the biggest contraction since March 2020 in stocks last week.

Musk said goodbye to Tesla stock. AFP photo

The richest person in the world was sold off more than 934 thousand shares for around US $ 930 million, according to regulatory documents.

That is in addition to the $ 6.9 billion it had already sold last week, just after taking a rare Twitter poll asking whether it should sell 10% of its stake in Tesla. Some of Monday’s sales are aimed at helping pay tax on the exercise of 2.1 million options.

Musk’s poll and $ 7.8 billion worth of sales come as the United States debates whether the rich are paying enough taxes.


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