Reddit is considering allowing NFT as a profile picture

The social network plans to follow in the footsteps of Twitter, which already allows this for its users. Reddit will reportedly allow the use of any type of NFT for that matter and not just the ones it released itself last year, called CryptoSnoos. “We are constantly exploring ways to provide value to users and communities”

Reddit is testing a new feature that will allow users to turn any NFT they own into a profile picture – and not just Redd’s ethereal NFTs called CryptoSnoos and released in limited quantities last year. A similar feature that allows users to turn their owned NFT into a profile picture was also recently launched on Twitter, where the pictures themselves provide information about the NFT when clicked on and appear in a hexagonal shape to distinguish them from the standard Twitter profile picture. However, no details have yet been released on how Reddit will support NFT.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Bardit explained that this specific test is in its early stages and is not yet available to users. “We are constantly exploring ways to provide value to users and communities in Reddit, and at this point we are exploring the ability to use NFT as a profile picture (avatars) and verify ownership,” said Reddit spokesman Tim Rachmidt. “This is a small, internal test and no decisions have yet been made about expanding or increasing the capability.”

Berdit has recently experimented with various NFT-related initiatives and has even dedicated a page to NFT-related activities at Meanwhile, the page focuses mainly on CryptoSnoos, which are, as mentioned, Reddit’s digital souvenirs, which consist of various forms of Snoo’s image – Reddit’s alien mascot. However, reactions to CryptoSnoos have been mixed: many in Reddit communities have been furious at the expansion to NFT, which are defined as “idiots” or “gimmicks”, while others feared the high prices of NFT, which do not allow too many people to take part in the system. There were also those who expressed natural curiosity and even support for the efforts.

Meredith further stated that there are no plans to launch any more CryptoSnoos, as this too was only a preliminary test. The current test in Reddit was first diagnosed by developer Nima Oji, who identified a banner in Reddit’s web app. “Your NFT is now your avatar!” Written in a banner. “You can now use your digital souvenirs as your avatar in Reddit.” However, according to Oji, the “Start” button did not work when he tried it.

Bardit did not specify the types of blockchains that will support the new feature.

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