Conectar Igualdad is back, the program that delivers netbooks to students

The national government made official this Wednesday the creation of the Connect Equality Program “in order to recover the spirit” of the initiative launched in 2010 and in view of the connectivity needs that are imposed in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, the Executive resolved that the program work and be implemented by the Ministry of Education.

Decree 11/2022, published in the Official Gazette, defines that the objective of the program is to “provide technological resources in state-run public schools and develop educational proposals in order to favor their incorporation. in the teaching and learning processes “.

The allocation of technological resources “will be carried out under the modality of handing over a computer to each student and each teacher for secondary schools and state-run special education schools and for the rest of the educational levels in accordance with the criteria that they understand. appropriate Application Authority “, which is Education, details the text.

The educational portfolio will promote “the necessary agreements with the provinces and with the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires for the adequate fulfillment of the objectives of the program.

Act Connect equality delivery of notebooks in Lomas de Zamora Kicillof Insaurralde Cristina Fernandez photo Prensa Lomas

Conectar Igualdad will be financed with the items assigned annually by the General Budget Law of the National Administration to Education with funds from the National Treasury, specifies the decree signed by President Alberto Fernández, the Chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzur; and the Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk.

This material “will arrive in classrooms between February and March, and It will be destined to improve the learning conditions of language and mathematics “, he indicated.

Thus, together with the Juana Manso plan, which promises to deliver 633 thousand computers throughout the country, it joins another official program to guarantee connectivity in vulnerable areas and sectors.

For reference, these are computers with 11.6-inch screen, Intel Celeron N4020 2.8 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM (DDR4) and 240 GB of solid state storage. The company specializing in microprocessors launched it in late 2019.

Browsing educational sites will have no additional cost if you browse with mobile data. With these features, educational assignments should be able to be covered without a hitch.

The distribution of resources

The minister explained that among the actions to be developed in the area of ​​Education they will “continue working on the distribution of books and in the search for the boys who left school. “

He then recalled that President Alberto Fernández announced the implementation of the Progresar scholarships for 16 and 17 year olds.

“That is where we have the greatest problem, we must ensure that they return and that they can finish their schooling,” he stressed, and after clarifying that these young people “are still in a position to enroll,” he indicated that they have joined the benefit. “more than 260 thousand boys who have promised to attend”.

“We have to continue making efforts so that no boy and no girl is left out of the Argentine school, because we know with certainty that It is the best place for all the boys, “he concluded.

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