Should the US intervene militarily in the war in Ukraine? An expert explains

It is difficult to estimate where else the war between Russia and Ukraine will go, which today (Friday) entered its ninth day and has so far led to many casualties on both sides and the migration of about a million refugees from their homes. Dr. Anat Hochberg-Marom, a researcher and expert on global terrorism, spoke about this with Nissim Mash’al, on his program on 103FM, and reviewed the tense situation.

In her opening remarks, she referred to her statement that she sees the current military confrontation as the beginning of a third world war: “I think we need to wake up to a new morning after 10 days of struggle against and against Russia. Thinking is required, a new approach to international relations. “For February, this reality was forced on us. We are in a completely different reality than we think it is.” “We are currently at war with Putin, for whom all means are kosher. The goal is to sanctify the means and it is not slogans. We are seeing the military struggle and alongside it the media struggle. The mast, the bad boy of the world. ”

On the fact that the US stands by and does not intervene militarily, she said that ‚Äúthis is exactly the problem. “Other major factors can rise and undermine the status quo and stability, and I’m not just talking about hackers or terrorists, once a reality is created that the West is weak and submissive.” Forces to Ukraine, because in war as in war this is the reality. ”

In response to her remarks, Nissim Mash’al claimed that by requiring US intervention, this would lead to a third world war. Dr. Hochberg-Marom replied that “I lead to a situation where it must be understood that this is a war. “The sword above us is, of course, the element of nuclear deterrence. In the face of the bad boy named Putin there is no choice but to show strength. Right now we, and everyone here in the West, understand this well, that weakness produces in Putin a greater appetite, and not just in him.”

“I’m not calling for a world war, it’s a big difference,” she explained, “right now the situation is such that the vital US interest is elsewhere. “Ukraine is not in the American interest and the American public will not allow Biden to move.”

She added that “Biden and the West need to understand that the need here is a profound change of perception, once it also has Russia, which is financially supported but in no way involved and will not intervene, it does receive the support, the backing and financial spirit that allows it to run very well at the moment. Brutal and unrestrained. ”

According to her, when it comes to the end result of Putin’s war, it is not possible to know where the winds will blow. She further clarified that “he acts with clear rationality, rational cost-benefit calculations. This is not the Western rationale and we need to understand that we have a story here. To say ‘crazy’ is easiest because then we pass the responsibility on. “Ukraine is just the beginning.”

Dr. Hochberg-Marom concluded: “Once we are awakened from the story we are telling ourselves I think it will be easier to deal objectively, supervised, and take the leadership into our own hands and face who is currently on the verge of conquering Ukraine.”

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