The CIA provides Russians with a secure avenue to share information via the Dark Web

The CIA is inviting Russians to submit intelligence with the spy agency by contacting it through the dark web.

On Monday, the CIA posted instructions on YouTube and other social media platforms about how Russians can use secure virtual private networks, or VPNs, to download a secure browser and communicate with the agency through the dark web’s anonymity.

Tor is a browser that allows you to access the deep web.

The directions, which are written in Russian, are intended to be simple to follow.

The Russians are instructed to contact the CIA over a virtual private network (VPN).

They can also download the Tor browser, which lets individuals to surf the dark web and transmit information anonymously, without the agency knowing who sent it or the Russian security agencies knowing that someone was talking with the Americans.

“For anyone who feel forced to approach us because of the Russian government’s illegal conflict,” Susan stated, “we are providing instructions in Russian on how to safely interact with the CIA, through our dark website or a trusted VPN.” Miller, a spokeswoman for the CIA.

While Russian social media sites are blocked, YouTube is still accessible.

Other, unidentified media are also being used by the agency to push your orders.

The CIA first made a way to contact the agency anonymously over the dark web in 2019, when it issued a version of its website that could be accessed using the Tor browser.

The messages provided on Monday, however, were the first time the agency had made the instructions available in Russian.

Tor protects users’ privacy by encrypting traffic and routing it via so many passpoints that it becomes nearly impossible to track.

The CIA sought to give Russians concerned about the situation in Ukraine a means to contact the agency without being intercepted by Moscow’s security agencies, according to a CIA officer.

The agency has had troubles with covert communications in the past, with both Iranians and Chinese hackers slipping into a secret system put up by the agency.

While an intelligence service might hypothetically trace someone down on the dark web, it would take a substantial amount of resources.

Russians who contact the CIA over the dark web are asked to provide their name, title, access to the material they have, and a method of safe tracking.

Despite the fact that any Russian can contact the agency, US intelligence personnel are more likely to be interested in Russian government officials who have access to classified information.

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